What interests me is not taking pictures, but creating images. In my opinion, an artwork must embody an idea and arouse not only aesthetic and emotional receptors, but also intellectual ones. I prefer the 'less is more' approach which, along with symbolism, leaves room for a variety of interpretations.

My abstract images are created as digital collages from several shots where shapes, texture, and color produce a completely new imagery.
The aim is to ignite the viewer the same way as when one listens to music.


I was born in the former USSR, but presently divide my time between Israel and The Netherlands. Passion for photography and art history has constituted an important part of my life since childhood. I got my first camera and darkroom equipment at 14. Self-taught as a fine art photographer, I learned from the great artists of the past, as well as from the contemporary artists through art books, photography magazines, and visits to art museums and exhibitions. Inspired by new technological opportunities, I have nowadays switched to digital photography.

My works have been  exhibited in the Migdalor gallery in Old Jaffa, Mansohn House in Tel Aviv, and in the Art Photography show at The 14th Festival of Israeli Cenimatography in Paris. 

Another aspect of my endeavors is
promoting art education by managing ARTIS - The Israeli Traveling Children's Museum -


Art Prints. You may order art prints from my imagery collection. Each limited edition print is produced on premium quality paper under my supervision, signed, dated, numbered, and provided with a Cerificate of Authencity.

Portrait Photography. Each portrait order requires a photo-session of about four hours. And this is only the beginning of the process. Post-production includes: selection of the "winning" shot, digital processing to the level of art photography, and, finally, printing.

Image Licensing. The images from my collection are available for licensing. The price depends on the selected image and the intended use.

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